• #301DaysOfCode and Spak.co

    For a while, I’ve been involved in a small community of web developers, web designers, and an assortment of other digital professionals in an online community known as Spak.co, masterminded by Floridian UI/UX developer Benjamin Spak. The community aims to be career-focused, and provides the perfect environment to share resources, opportunities, and advice with other like-minded professionals, and junior developers who are still finding their feet.┬áRecently I’ve had the privilege of joining some of the more senior members as a squad member, and will be getting increasingly involved as the project grows. It’s all incredibly exciting, and there’s no better way of learning than simultaneously teaching others.

    A major component of the community is the #301DaysOfCode hashtag, a superset, if you will, of the popular #100DaysOfCode project popularised by freeCodeCamp. Getting junior developers and recent graduates coding for at least an hour a day for the duration prescribed, and tweeting (and maybe even blogging about) using the hashtag about what they did and what they’ve learned, and perhaps even a link to a repository or something akin to CodePen to show off to the community, is a fantastic way of building portfolios and improving employability. It’s no secret that employers want to see what you’ve done.

    I’ve spoken about it a lot on this blog so far; about my desire to build a strong portfolio myself by the end of the academic year to impress potential employers with. With all the learning I have planned this year, I might very well be embarking on a coding challenge such as these myself, so that I can additionally showcase my progress and commitment to continuous professional development. So should you, regardless of your field. In the meantime, I’m going to continue motivating others to better improve their skill set, sharing helpful resources on social media and of course in our growing Spak.co community.

    If you want to get involved, install Discord if you don’t already have it and jump straight into our community chatroom by using this helpful link: https://spak.chat – we look forward to welcoming you!

    P.S. My screen name is Rejuvenescencia. You know, my Twitter and Minds handle. Say Ollie sent you anyway, and I’ll see you aboard.