Wow, what a story Mark

Wow, what a story Mark

Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau, for the uninformed

I realise it has been a while since I last uploaded to my blog, but I reassure it’s been because I’ve been busy! Rather than bore you with a ton of posts regarding minor things that probably don’t interest you all that much, allow me to give you a brief synopsis of what’s been going on!

  • I started graduate school! I moved back to Aberystwyth to start an MSc course in Computer Science, with a focus in Software Engineering. I decided to opt for different modules than those I elaborated about in a previous bit of writing – instead opting for areas that I had not previously explored, namely machine learning and artificial intelligence, and statistics and R programming; rather than those I would be already comfortable in. After all, that’s what uni is all about.
  • I’m currently working as a contractor for a company based in Essex. More information on that soon.
  • I’ve been hitting the gym and eating well like promised.
  • I’ve decided to scrap the GoFundMe campaign since I’m in a far better financial state than before and I’m getting on just fine.

That about wraps it up here! So what am I doing on this blog? Well I’ve got plenty of good news on that front. I’ve got some more technical writing coming soon that aims to improve general interest in my blog, I got a small piece regarding health and how water really is changing how I work and indeed live, and a piece about an upcoming conference.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience! Follow me on Twitter @notoliverearl (@Rejuvenescencia, my previous handle, is now the name of an upcoming project.) for more updates and musings!

Author: Oliver

Postgraduate MSc Computer Science student at Aberystwyth University. Software Engineer and content creator. Trying to do lots of cool stuff; writing, blogging, and live streaming amongst other things! I hope you enjoy my blog!