Sorry, I’ve been busy!

Sorry, I’ve been busy!

Moss from IT Crowd sees a computer aflame
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Fire, fire! To whom it may concern. Fire! Yours sincerely, Oliver.

Sorry about the brief intermission, I’ve just been incredibly busy. If you’re following me on Twitter, you can keep track of what I’m generally up to and get information about when upcoming posts are on their way, both here and for other publishing mediums!

So what have I been busy doing? Well it’s the start of the academic year, so Nightline branches from all over the UK and Ireland are spinning their cogs once more to provide a very important confidential listening and information service to university students. As a volunteer for the IT Department, myself and members of my team have had our hands full in dealing with a torrent of increasingly urgent support requests, both internal and external. So that’s that!

Additionally, as previously mentioned, I start my postgraduate degree this Friday, or rather I move back to Aberystwyth this Friday. There’s been a lot of preparation and shopping required for that too.

Is there any good news? You bet! The mountain of work has gradually decayed into something far more manageable, and I’m pleased to announce that the second edition of my Thought-Provoking Reads for Developers series will be published today! I hope you hang around and let me know what you think! I’m also writing an interesting little nugget about procrastination. I promise you I’m not procrastinating from it!

See you later!

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