GoFundMe: Week 1

GoFundMe: Week 1

Just a quick post to talk about what has been done this week, as it has been 8 or so days since I launched my GoFundMe campaign to help keep my finances secure whilst studying my Master’s. I keep track of my obligations towards GoFundMe sponsoring in a spreadsheet, ensuring that I fulfil my content creation quotas and what have you. There’ll be a weekly summary like this each week (I realise this one is a little late; I only just got the idea!) just to keep everybody informed, and for my own sanity. Here’s the summary for week 1:

GoFundMe Week 1
Function over form, for now – click image to enlarge

I plan on getting out articles on both Minds and LinkedIn before the end of the month – currently working on the one, and brainstorming the other.

If you’re not already following my Instagram account for my pugs, you should absolutely give it a follow! Find them at @tobyandtoffee, as well as on Twitter.

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