General Update

General Update

Yeah I know I know – my whole New Year’s resolution basically went to crap – I promised that I would do a weekly blog post but I’ve simply been so crazy busy that I just haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

So what’s new? I’ve been busy with my campaign to become Wellbeing Officer in my Students’ Union annual elections. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful, and came in third place. Nevertheless, I am very happy with where I came. I’ll be writing about that hopefully soon both on LinkedIn as well as the student paper if I can.

I got my results for last semester! 74% in Agile Methodologies, 72% in Internet Services Administration, and 64% in Developing Internet-Based Applications. I also got a wonderful 79% in my Year Abroad, although this is worth only 0.25 on the degree cascade.

Other than that, I’ve just been busy with my major project and German work. There’s been a lot of disruption to my teaching due to the recent university strikes, which I totally empathise with, so I am for the most part playing a lot of catch-up and dealing with a near endless barrage of work.

This week, I need to ensure my major project is demonstration ready by Wednesday, to prepare numerous German translations for Thursday, as well as sit an assessed listening exam on Thursday, and finally present a topic on a random German politics topic for Friday.

Thankfully, I can go home this weekend for the three week Easter break.

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